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A platform for brand marketing leveraging the utility of NFT's.

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AMARK will function as an engine for adoption and usefulness of the XAC currency.


The 2016 economic report “On the Value of Virtual Currencies” commissioned by the Bank of Canada, found three contributing components dictating a cryptocurrency’s exchange rate:

  • The actual use of virtual currency to execute real payments.
  • The decision of forward-looking investors to buy virtual currency (thereby effectively regulating its supply).
  • The elements that jointly drive future consumer adoption and merchant acceptance of virtual currency.

Trojan Horse for Crypto

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Cryptocurrency has a retail adoption problem


  • Little incentive for a local business to accept cryptocurrency for goods and services as crypto still not held by enough consumers.
  • For many businesses it is currently too complicated to accept crypto in-store and then convert it to fiat currency.


  • Little incentive for consumers to purchase cryptocurrency off exchanges and then use it as a payment vehicle for goods and services.
  • Low acceptance by local merchants and other payment methods are easily available.



  • Merchants will use AMARK because it offers a superior marketing system over incumbent solutions. It builds consumer frequency, retention and profitability while introducing an innovative no-risk fee model based solely on in-store transactions sent by AMARK.
  • AMARK's underlying technology automatically accepts XAC & BTC payments for goods and services as a core feature of the system. All BTC payments are pushed through the lightning network channel.


  • Consumers will join AMARK through local businesses to earn rewards in exchange for their attention.
  • Attention value is paid in XAC and consumers will spend it in exchange for goods and services across all AMARK businesses.

XAC Attention Addresses

Attention Addresses are linked to AMARK consumer data and have specific rules enforced by the XAC protocol. There are two key functions of attention addresses:


XAC-Lock is a feature that encourages continued consumer engagement with AMARK. The XAC sent to Attention Addresses is initially locked and becomes available after a maturation period. The XAC attention awards paid to consumers continually matures into availability as new XAC is earned from ongoing attention marketing. This process encourages engagement with AMARK as attention wallets will rarely have a zero XAC balance, giving consumers a consistent flow of value to spend within the ecosystem.


XAC-Burn is enforced at the protocol level. All transfers to Attention Addresses require 5% of the XAC transferred to be burned. The XAC -Burn feature is designed to align interests between merchants and consumers in the AMARK ecosystem. Anytime merchants use the AMARK platform for marketing, they are supporting the value of the XAC currency as protocol rules enforces a 5% burn. As such, merchants are effectively scaling the supply of XAC to match the demand from the ecosystem. This supply-side scaling mechanism will offset new coins introduced through block rewards and pressure the price of XAC to an equilibrium reflective of demand from the ecosystem.

Interactive Value Calculator

The calculator below demonstrates how the AMARK ecosystem scales based on five interdependent drivers of success. These variables are adjustable in the calculator with the defaults representative of early merchant and consumer test results.

Total Token Sale Funds Contributed


AVG number of businesses added per salesperson weekly


AVG number of customers added per business weekly


Marketing Offer Redemptions per Consumer Annually


Market Price of XAC


Total Merchants

Total Consumers

Merchant Demand for XAC
(Total XAC Spent on Marketing Annually)

Values in XAC Tokens (Not $)

Cumulative XAC Burn
(Enforced at the Protocol Level)

Values in XAC Tokens (Not $)

Sales Personnel

Represents O&O, franchise and affiliate sales teams



South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions About AMARK & XAC

AMARK adopted blockchain and cryptocurrency as tools to eliminate ANY need for the collection of personally identifiable information. AMARK uses public blockchain data, overlaid with merchant data, to identify consumer preferences, understand local trends and set a value for consumer attention.

Cryptocurrency is also the ONLY viable way to privately compensate a consumer for their attention as other digital payment methods expose the identity of the payee. If an individual consumer receiving an attention payment was identifiable via the payment method, then all response and preference data could be easily tied back to that individual, thereby compromising the individual’s data privacy.

Demand for BTC is largely speculative resulting in significant price swings which would negatively impact the AMARK ecosystem. In addition, there is a high concentration of bitcoin ownership which is a further risk to its value and therefore a risk to AMARK.

AMARK expects to quickly build fundamental demand for XAC through regional ecosystems resulting in wide distribution of the XAC currency. If XAC appreciates in value over time, marketing through AMARK will become more effective for businesses from an increased consumer demand for XAC. Greater consumer participation will result in greater ROI for businesses. The efficiency increase will lead to more businesses marketing through AMARK.

The activation of AMARK allows merchants to purchase XAC through the attention marketing system and distribute it to consumers via targeted advertisements.

Consumers will join AMARK through local businesses to earn rewards in exchange for their attention and use XAC as a payment for goods and services across all AMARK businesses.

Consumers will sign up to receive rewards from their favorite local businesses. In-Store discounts, XAC redemption and attention rewards combine to offer consumers significant value. The first-time customer onboard is a simple process. The entire process can be completed within 60 seconds.

The efficiency of the AMARK system allows the fees charged to merchants to be far lower than current solutions. Current solutions are 3 to 7 times more expensive than AMARK. In addition, there are no subscription fees and no cost to the merchant until AMARK delivers a completed sale.

Payment terminals are provided by AMARK at no cost and there is a simple learning curve with virtually no merchant training necessary.

AMARK provides an AI based remarketing tool that allows a merchant to efficiently increase the frequency of their customer visits. Frequency improvements from a current customer base can have significant effects on margin for a merchant.

The remarketing tool is also free to merchants and offers customers a significant amount of value in exchange for their attention. In addition, a merchant adding customers to AMARK blocks competing businesses from reaching their customers.


The AMARK token sale will not follow the path of previous projects. The system is rollout ready and will be in-market prior to the token sale:


Twenty months of development and testing, the AMARK system is roll-out ready.


Pre-Sale funds will build out sales teams and initiate strategic market execution.


The AMARK system will be in-market prior to the token sale. The sale funds will scale O&O sales teams and roll out affiliate and franchise expansion models.


10 MILLION XAC @ $0.30

XAC tokens purchased during the pre-sale will be distributed on April 1, 2019

OTC Token Sale - Q4 2019